The Beginning 

It’s currently just after 6am in Bangkok. The sun rose over the city about 30 minutes ago, but I’ve been awake for about two hours. That’s despite dropping into bed around four hours previously, exhausted from a gruelling twenty four hour journey to get here. I haven’t experienced jet lag before as I’ve only ventured outside of Europe on a couple of occasions, but I’m pretty sure this is it. Fran is laying fast asleep next to me (problems sleeping is not something Fran is familiar with), so this seems like the perfect time to put together my first post!

I wanted the first post to provide a bit of background about what we’re doing and why it might be worth your time reading. I’ve always loved travel. I’ve been very lucky to have been brought up in a family that has taken me away on holidays ever since I was in nappies. That love of travel has been passed on to me, and although I’d continue to go away a lot, I’d always liked the idea of going away for an extended period and doing some real travelling. ‘Finding yourself’ and all that kind of stuff. (No idea what that actually means). Fran is my girlfriend of a year and a half, and she felt the same. For a long time we talked about how we would like to go backpacking somewhere, and Asia sounded like a pretty good place to do it. There were lots of conversations about where we might go, for a long time without any follow up. 

Then one day that changed. I’d picked Fran up from work, where she had clearly been bored and had been doing some reading online and found some inspiration, as she turned to me and asked “Shall we just book it?” I nervously agreed, and a few hours later we had a one way ticket booked to Bangkok for a few months time.  Lots of planning ensued, and for a long time the trip just seemed like something that would be happening in future, for a long time it didn’t feel real. That all changed over the last few days, as we said emotional goodbyes to family and friends, squeezed everything we’d need for the next few months into a backpack (neither of us are light travellers) and headed for the airport. Many long hours later here I am, sitting in this Bangkok hotel.

The rough plan for our travels is a six country list. We’re of course starting in Thailand, heading down to Malaysia and Singapore, then moving back up through Thailand again, then onto Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. That’s the plan anyway, there’s nothing concrete we have to stick to, so who knows where we might end up. We also don’t really have any idea how long we’ll be here. The target we’re aiming for is 6 months, but it may end up being longer, or may end up being shorter. Essentially we plan on carrying on until our money runs out, and we have to begrudgingly come home and face reality like adults again.

Sounds like an adventure right? Of course it does. Which is why I thought I’d share every step of it. I love writing, so even if no one ever reads this I’ll enjoy it, and it will provide a pretty cool journal to revisit later in life when we’re back in normal life and wanting to relive our adventure all over again. But hopefully people will read and share this journey with us, as I plan on describing all of our experiences, both good and bad. So if you know us personally and just want to know what we’re up to, you’re in the right place. If you’re planning on travelling yourself, or have a particular interest in South East Asia, hopefully I can provide some insight into both. Or if you’d just like to read a story of two people who gave up their jobs and comfortable lives to get out and explore the world, keep reading.

We are off to start exploring central Bangkok today, so my next post is likely to be my impressions of a city that really intrigues me. Based on my initial impressions there’s going to be a lot to write so watch this space. For now though I might have a go at getting a final hours sleep before we head out into the chaos. Wish me luck!

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